Primitive Country Meets Shabby Chic

For years I have loved and surrounded myself with everything that was primitive country, from rusted, paint chipped milk cans to aged, paint splattered ladders and old worn out frames to frame my artwork. I have always loved and appreciated antiques, I guess I get that from my Mom. I love old things that remind me of a simplier time. I love the brick reds, the mustard yellows, and the dark blues and greens. That is me... until recently I started being drawn to the shabby chic style. The beautiful, feminine pinks and the creamy pale blues, the white chipped paint, glass glitter and of course the antiques. I began to think that this new style didn't have a place in my home (and my heart), until I visited my friend Leah's last weekend. She converted her formal living room into a beautiful shabby chic scrapbook room. I wish I had pictures to show of her beautiful space. I immediately felt at home in that room. She too decorates in primitive country in other rooms in her house and then transformed this room into a shabby chic santuary. She has truly inspired me to carve out a little nitch in my house for a shabby chic room. So, primitive country please meet shabby chic... each of you will have a place in my home. I will be transforming my bedroom into a shabby chic santuary... I know this creative process will take time, but I have my first artwork piece "Amour" to hang up in my bedroom and I also recently purchased a beautiful muslin handtowel with a painted pink heart surrounded by tiny flowers for my bathroom. I am going to love hunting and creating this new space!

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Christina said...

You have to take pictures when you get your space done! Can't wait to see it!