Love in the Air, Great Finds & Creativity Unleashed

This weekend started out with a belated Valentine's dinner with Ken and I. Followed by a visit to our favorite place to hang out as a couple... Barnes & Nobles. We enjoy thumbing through the books, looking at the magazines, and just being together while we are absorbed in discovering new worlds just waiting to be unleashed with the turn of a page. I found a very neat book on PhotoShop Elements that I decided against for the evening, since it was $40! I had regrets on the way home, but I told myself the next time we were there that I would purchase it. Fast forward to today... my loving husband brought it home for me!! Can't wait to dive and start playing!! Saturday morning dawned bright and early as the dogs were up at 5 am. I truly don't need an alarm clock. So I started on my Easter pocket class for 2 Scrappy Sisters (pictures coming tomorrow). I enjoyed the quiet of the morning, time to really enjoy the process of creating. Then it was off with Leah to go antiquing to find more great things for our Bella projects. Here are just some of the finds that I purchased. Then grab a quick bite to eat and we hit another store on our way home. We had such a great time talking, laughing and planning our next projects. I so enjoy the time that we spend together! Then early evening I got a much needed nap and then I started to create with a crocheted heart that I found for $1.25!!! I stuffed with blue tulle, added some ribbon, more tulle to hang it up, a seed packet of Forget Me Knots, a picture of my Grandma Long and Great Grandma Middleton (her mom) and the best part a broche that was my Great Grandma's. This is going in my new Shabby Chic bedroom and masterbath. Then this morning I finished up another meaningful piece of artwork to add to my bedroom. I had picked up a vintage quilt piece and sewed on it years ago. I never got around to finishing it, until this morning. I took a picture of our hands, added it to the quilt piece, added some sheet music, vintage lace and buttons that I found yesterday and some heart charms. I painted the picture frame (originally it was a pine green with a bird house print in it), and then put it together. Now it is proudly displayed in my bedroom. It is starting to come along. I love to create meaningful, one-of-a-kind items to my home. Well, better go... I have more creativity that is just waiting to spring forth!

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