Blog Banner Queen - Made my Day

A little background comes in handy… For Christmas my lovely husband splurged and bought me PhotoShop. I have loved using it for my pictures. I definitely haven’t gotten into even a quarter of what can be created and done in PhotoShop – I am a true novice!!! I know that people are creating beautiful blog headers, framed photos and scrapbook pages using this wonderful program. Well, after spending hours in the past weeks trying to figure out how to do a beautiful blog header, I gave up last night and decided to try to see if they had anyone out there that did them. I loved perusing the talented artist selling their wares. Each of them unique, but not really what I was hoping for…. THEN I found Blog Banner Queen. The style immediately caught my eye and I continue to see if I could find out anything on this wonderful woman, so I emailed my swap/blog friend Sandy in Canada, to see if she knew anything of this mysterious woman that had this new shop open on etsy. To my wonderful surprise it WAS my friend!!! Sandy is creating beautiful blog banners under Blog Banner Queen. So I immediately ordered one this morning and I will be sending pictures and ideas to her. Shortly I will have one of the wonderfully cool blog banners. If only Sandy knew how much she made my day… my week!!! Can’t wait to share with you my new banner when it is done!!! If you want one… please look her up at Blog Banner Queen


Unknown said...

Sheila you made my Valentine's Day girl! Thank you soooooooo much for writing about me and I can't wait to create a gorgeous blog banner for you!Happy Valentine's Day! Sandy xoxox

Micki said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Photoshop. Its a GOOD thing!