Today is the Day!

Well, today is the day... we finally get carpeting and finish the floor of our downstairs! We have already been using the space for a TV and game room, but the concrete floor has certainly been cold! It has been 2 plus years since we began this project of taking an unfinished basement and making it into a usable living space. We wanted to have a room where the kids could hang out with their friends, and we weren't on top of them, and still be under the same roof. We have definitely made that space! We still have the sink to install in the bathroom and Ken's media room to outfit with electronics, but that will come. I have definitely learned patience along this process - well at least tried!! Can't wait for it to be done and then we can move all the furniture back in from the garage and really call in complete - well almost!

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Christina said...

Woo Hoo! I'm so excited for you guys!