Live with Courage

I was inspired this week when I read Rebecca Sower’s blog on Life on Purpose. She encouraged me to adopt one word that would be my focus for the entire year from Ali Edwards “one little word” project. So I contemplated this week and really dived into this project and came up with Courage as my one word. I want to live with Courage, courage to live without fear, courage to make my life the way I want it, courage to face adversity head one and the courage to know when to back away, courage to worry less and live more, and the courage to continue to raise my children to be productive, creative, God-centered, loving people. As I continued to take a deeper look, I took the time to look up scriptures on courage in the Bible, I landed on this one – “Be strong and good of courage; do not be afraid, nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 So this year I am living with Courage, I am putting it in my planner and etching it on my heart. I even gathered the courage to edit my Courage picture in Adobe Photoshop and post it. It is a beginning… Rebecca Sower, thank you for continuing to inspire me to create a better side of me.

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kathy said...

Found your blog , because you posted on SAndy's , I think 9 she was my first swap partner -- only blogging since Nov. -- I love your stand for Courage and GOd -- I love this blog art world , such people of the heart , love your creations also -- will check back often , I am praying for your friend who lost her child and the one who is ill -- Kathy _ GA -- -- on the winterbella i am -- Crazy to create - Kathy GA >