Celebrate Life

This weekend was an extremely emotional one. Sunday, I went to a visitation of a family friend. Kelsey was only 18 years old, a senior in high school and had a smile that lit up the room. Summer found her at the swimming pool, helping to teach my children to swim. Last week, during a snow storm, Kelsey lost control of her car while going to her dance lesson, hit a truck and God decided to take her home. Sherri and I hugged her mom, who years ago we were in her wedding, and her words were “tell your kid’s everyday that you love them and hold them tight”. That day I immediately went home and did just that, and they will continue to get their daily doses of I love you’s and big hugs. Monday night, Sherri and I met our friend Leneve for dinner. She has been battling cancer on and off for years. This time is has come back with a vengeance and she is fighting the battle of her life, yet she continues to celebrate life, have a tremendously strong faith in God, and is a true inspiration to me. We had a wonderful time catching up, laughing and just hugging and holding each other. It makes me realize that we don’t know when God will call us home, but I will continue to tell my family and friends that I love them and to celebrate the life God gives you.


Unknown said...

My prayers go out to your friends. I hug my kids every day since our car accident in December. These things really open your eyes!


Laume said...

My heart aches for your friend's loss of her precious child. We lost our oldest son at age 19 in an accident and so I know what she's going through - inasmuch as anyone can compare their experience of course. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family - and to you too.