Snow blanketed us yesterday. It really seemed to put me more in the Christmas spirit. I have thoroughly been enjoying Teresa's 12 days of inspiration. I did get the chance yesterday to treat myself some rub-on's that she used in one of her projects. I hope to get to some of her projects in the coming weeks (maybe Sunday if I am luck!) Want to go take a peak at some of the inspiration she has been providing? Here is Teresa's blog that show some of the wonderful goodies! Also, Kara Ward, has been sharing some of her Christmas inspirations each day!!! I have just drooled over all of her projects! You have got to check out her newest class the perpetual calendar(that I also treated myself to)!!! Scroll down on the right to view it and click on the picture to enlarge. Isn't that the cutest!!! It seems like I have been treating myself lately, which many of you who know me know that I don't do that too often. I guess between my birthday coming up in a few days and Christmas I am in a giving mood. Too bad I can't share some of the wonderful projects I have been creating, since my camera broke - but I got the best Christmas news yesterday - Canon is fixing it and it is at NO CHARGE!!! What a present for me and it even looks like I will get it next week!! Yippee!!!

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