Ornaments & Shopping

This weekend started off Saturday morning with our annual WWW (Wild Wedded Women) Ornament Exchange, that we have been doing for 10 years! This year due to the weather, only 4 out of 15 were able to be there. We didn't have as much fun as if all of us would have been there, but Mom, Sherri, Dondee and I can still party! We munched on the goodies we brought and then unveiled our ornaments. Dondee's by far was the most unique - a ribbon ball. I don't have pictures to post, but will post them as soon as Sherri gives me the file. Sherri's was by far the easiest. Hers was Merry Wiskmas - yes, you guessed a little whisk topped with a bow and tag. Mom's of course was as beautiful as ever. She used her sewing machine and embroidered a beautiful Christmas tree and put it in a clear round ornament. Cute, Cute! Mine was a vintage looking paper ornament using some of the Daisy D Christmas papers (just love that paper). Saturday afternoon, Ken and I went Christmas shopping for the kids. We had a great time going in and out of stores, finding that perfect gift for them. Saturday evening, we snuggled in and watched TV and of course, I was the first one asleep! Sunday brought a day of rest and creating. I created 5 vintage stocking ornaments and a gift that I can't wait to give to my friend Leah this weekend! I loved creating and just having fun. Sunday afternoon brought another ornament exchange. Each of us brought a dish to share and one special handmade ornament. Then we picked numbers, and then could pick a bag from the table and open or steal the persons in front of you ornament. What fun, we all awed over some gorgeous ornaments, stole some and laughed a lot. What fun!

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Christina said...

It was great seeing you again Sunday! It was a lot of fun! I definitely needed the laughs!

Sounds like you had a nice weekend!