I'm Back in Business

I finally got my camera back.... well not really. Canon couldn't fix mine so I was upgraded to a Power Shot S3IS, which I am now just beginning to figure out how to it works. Much like my other one, but different buttons and features that I will have to figure out... but I am back in business. I have to say that Canon has "TRUE" customer service. From the moment I called them to the moment I received it, they made this a positive experience.
I have been taking pictures this morning just playing - now only to figure how to get it on my computer. Maybe that is one for Ken!!!


Christina said...

How very cool! I'm so happy to hear this! I have the rebel and Eric just "bought" me one of the smaller camera's so it's nice to hear if something goes wrong they will stand behind their product.

Have fun playing with your new camera!

SL said...

I love your new camera. Maybe Santa will bring me one. See on Christmas Eve!

Love you, sis!

trihok said...

Oooo nice camera.

Happy belated birthday. May all your wish come true :)