Where O' Where has Sheila been?

The past week has been an absolutely crazy time for me and my family. It started Thursday, when Diane & Linda got a call from Extreme Home Makeover to see if they would like to do an album for the family! The sisters headed out to get the family's pictures and then we gathered at the store, where we sorted them and then took them home to scrapbook - less than 24 hours later we were to be back at the store finished scrapbook pages in hand to put together this wonderful album. I was up until almost 2 am Friday morning and back up at 5:30 am to get ready to go to work, so I called my sister, Sherri to see if she would like to help too. Of course her answer was "YES!", so before work I dropped off all the goodies and she helped too. Then at 3:00 pm we left from my work and headed to the 2SS store to assemble this once-in-a-lifetime album. We were totally amazed at all the efforts and gorgeous scrapbook pages that Susanne, Diane, Linda and Betty had lovingly created in less than 24 hours! It was such an honor to be able to help out this family. Friday night had the 2SS Christmas Open House, where I created a make and take, along with Dana and Susanne. What a wonderful experience. Meeting all the ladies that stopped by that night! About midway through the Open House, the Sisters got a call from Extreme Home Makeover saying that they were needed there right then. So off they went...
After the Open House, Sherri and I headed to the "House" to get a glimpse. Oh, what an amazing site to see all the volunteers coming together out of love to create a new life for this deserving family! It was awe inspiring to know what a little bit of love can do! I am so honored and privileged to be a small part in this adventure - Thank you Linda and Diane for making that possible!!!
Saturday morning dawned bright and early as we head for the playoffs for Connor's football team. It was a gorgeous fall day for football. The boys played their hearts out. In the huddle they would put their arms around each other. This season we saw them grow together as a team. They did lose, but we were so proud of them! As we ran on the field to do our traditional tunnel for the boys, one of the Mom's started chanting "We are proud of you... say we are proud of you... hey, hey, hey!!! We all chimed in and chanted that as all the boys were running through the tunnel. Emotions were high and there were tears as they gathered for the coaches ending comments. What a truly amazing season for the boys 8 and 2!! They have been practicing for 4 nights a week and a game on Saturday since the first of August. We are so proud of them!
Saturday night we celebrated Connor's birthday and gave him his birthday present early... Ken couldn't wait to give it to him. It was a shot gun. Yes, Yes, I know I probably am not saying it right it might be a rifle for all I know. I just don't get into this gun thing! Anyway, they have plans to go with some friends of ours to shoot for some type of bird and they needed to practice before going. Connor was all smiles and so excited!! It is a father and son bonding experience that I know Ken treasures, so I have to hold back and not say too much as Ken is teaching him safety first. I just think my mom and son time is so much safer, we just take out glue, scissors and scrapbook paper!
Sunday the "boys" went out to practice shooting, while the "girls" started getting Christmas decorations out and some up. I know, I know many people say it isn't even Thanksgiving, but I have our Christmas Tea Party with the Cockrum's the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I hate being rushed to get everything up in a day - can't do it... too much stuff.
Sunday afternoon we head to my sister, Sherri's house, to eat lunch and start on our Vintage Christmas Stocking Swap. We had so much fun making them and tea dying them. I can't wait to get mine done for my swap partner, Joanne, who lives in Singapore. I will post more on her site shortly.
Then Sunday night we head for home to catch the only show I consistently watch - Extreme Home Makeover.
So it has been a crazy time in my life, but I wouldn't change it for anything! I am catching up on my sleep - little by little so hopefully it won't be a week again before I post. I have so much missed it!


Unknown said...

Sheila you have been one busy girl!!! First of all, that was such a wonderful and fun thing you guys did for Extreme Makeover! Has it aired already?!?! Also, did you say tea-dyed or tie-dyed (I'm so curious)! I had no idea Joanne is from Singapore! My Husband hunts as well and can't wait til our son is old enough to get his own shot gun and hunt with him- so I can totally relate. It's very exciting for the guys! I applaud you guys for getting a head start on the Christmas decor! It leaves more time for stress-free Christmas shopping. Our Thanks Giving was in October so visions of sugar plums are already dancing in our heads!

SL said...

I also had fun on Sunday! Do you think we need to meet this Sunday? Just let me know.

Love you!

Jessica said...

wow... how exciting! My friends Kristina & CJ got to help volunteer on that house too! I can't wait to see it so I can say... hey... my friends helped with that! ;) That show is they one that makes me stop & thank God that I have what I have, and that there are people out there that are still doing "His" work by helping others! Bless you Sheila