Catching Up

Today has been a day to relax, recoup and try to get laundry done and hopefully a few cards made, and a make & take for 2 Scrappy Sister's Holiday Open House on Friday, Nov. 9th - Hope to see you all there. I even took time to catch up with all my blogging buddies, which I love to do. Halloween was a wonderful crisp fall night. We headed over to our friends house to go trick or treating around their neighborhood. After the kids got all the treats they dumped them all out to do some trading and then we head home. It was the first time that we didn't go to Grammy and Grandpa's for Halloween, because the kids wanted to be with their friends. It broke my heart to tell them that we wouldn't be there this year! Friday night we had a playoff kick off cookout and powder puff football game with the Connor's football team. The moms and dads played against the boys and we all had a great time! I wish I had my camera to catch all the action, but left it at home. Saturday morning was the perfect fall day just made for football. We were so proud of the boys, they are true brothers on the field and there is such a since of TEAM when they play. We won - Way to go Longhorns, so that means we are in the next round of playoffs next Saturday and if we win that on to the Super Bowl!

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