Happy Birthday Buddy!

10 years ago today, God blessed us with a beautiful baby boy, Connor. Being raised in an all girl family, and at the time my sister and I both had girls as our first born, a boy was very foreign to me. Little did I realize our life was about to change! Connor, you had difficulties coming into this world, but that did not stop you. You hit the floor running… not really but from the moment you were put into my arms you taught me how little boys were full of energy. You were a happy baby. As you grew up you were into everything and tried to keep up with your big sister. Ribbons and bows were replaced with balls and bats. You taught me that you were tough, but also needed some loving, kisses and snuggle time. Now that you are older, the hugs and kisses are dealt out when no one is watching. The once little boy is growing up and strives to do his best at school, sports and life. We love you so much and you make us proud, Buddy! Happy Birthday!

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