Camera Troubles

Janna had her 2nd basketball game, which I had hoped to get more pictures of my girl out there on the court, but it was not to be! My faithful camera (Canon S1IS) would not work. All it did was show a black screen...ARGH!!! With Thanksgiving tomorrow and Christmas with the Cockrum's this weekend and then all the Christmas programs, ornament exchanges, cookie baking day, birthday and Christmas in the next several weeks, it isn't the best time to have this happen. **Is it ever?** So, I am borrowing another camera in hopes of capturing some pictures. Thank goodness for the internet as I found out from a site that this could be a problem that Canon will fix - free of charge! So I am off to call them to see what I can do. Cross your fingers!

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Christina said...

Hope they will be able to fix it and fix it fast!