Cards, Cards & More Cards

Yesterday, I created many cards. One is an invitation for our annual Wild Wedded Women's Ornament Exchange. Where we make 15 like ornaments and exchange them. It is a time to rekindle friendship, laugh, relax and enjoy wonderfully creative women. Then, the other card is for a monthly friends card swap that we are having tonight. We have so much fun unveiling our cards, eating and catching up with everyone. It is one of the highlights of my month. As you can tell, I am so getting into using vintage pictures! I really love creating this artwork that is filled with pictures of days gone by. It brings back childhood memories of Christmas Eve when the whole family gathered together. The whole house was filled with wonderful smells of tacos (yes, for all of you that don't know we have tacos for Christmas - it's a tradition!), fresh baked cookies and creamy chocolate fudge that Mom makes. Then it we exchanged gifts and headed up to bed in anticipation of Santa coming. Then my sisters and I would get up at the crack of dawn and we would sneak downstairs to see if Santa had come. Then it was time for more presents and off to my Dad's for Christmas at his house, with more family, wonderful food and more presents to open. I look back, and even though I don't remember all the presents that were exchanged, I do remember the feeling of being together as family and the love that will still share to this day!

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Kara Ward said...

Are these "swap things" fun...You time with friends sounds fantastic...Kara