All I want for Christmas is my Camera Back!

I am definite lost without my camera! This extended Thanksgiving weekend we had a wonderful time filled with family, friends, food and fun, but no camera to catch all the activities. The camera that Ken had, was accidently dropped when he and Janna were figuring out how it worked! Just our luck! Of course, I can get the pictures that my family and friends took, but I am definitely feeling LOST without it! On a better note, Cannon's customer service was GREAT! They believe after asking me questions and having me do some tests on the camera that this is something that is covered under their warranty. YEH!!!! So, that same day, they had emailed a mailing label to have it sent free of charge back to them. It will take 7-10 days, once it is received by them, and I have the ability to track what is going on! So hopefully I will have my camera back before Christmas!!!

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