Weekend Happens

Friday I took the day off and headed to CKC with my sister. We enjoyed volunteering, shopping, talking and just loved being with each other. The day ended a little shorter than expected, as my husband who just started a new job had to work late, so I had to be home in time to take Janna to her horse riding lessons. After her lessons, Papa, Grams Aunt Lynn and my whole crew headed for Lowman's. We enjoyed talking and eating some wonderful home cooking.
Saturday dawned bright and early as it was the Northland Longhorns Homecoming. Many parent volunteers gathered at 7:00 am to decorate the field and make it a special day for the kids. It was a gorgeous day filled with cheering and even a win for the kids. This makes Connor's 3rd/4th grade tackle 7 and 0, with over 250 points scored this season to 0 for the opponents! GO LONGHORNS.
There was a chilling moment at the end of the game as one of Connor's team mates was enjoyed pretty badly on the very last play. We as parents hate getting the question "Where is his Mom?". As his mom raced over to him, all of our hearts sank. As he was helped out of the field, the boys on his team chanted "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny...." and he waved bye to his team mates. He was taken to the hospital and found out he had broken the small bone in his arm. Ken talked to his mother later yesterday afternoon and he said that his spirits were up and was feeling well. We all pray for a speedy recovery for John.
Today, I am up early and going to finish my I'll be home for Christmas mini album (pictures are coming), but I just had to catch up with all my blogs I love to read and post all my happens. This blogging thing has become a special part of my life. It is like the daily Diet Dr Peppers that I have to have...


SL said...

I had so much fun on Friday with you! We need not wait as long to do things, just the two of us. Let's plan a scrapbook night real soon (even if it is with the kids).

Love you,

Micki said...

It was great to see you on Friday!