The Music

Today the music of life, as Rebecca Sower put it so eloquently in a recent blog, is now blaring heavy metal in my ears and is making my head hurt! The laundry is piling up, the vacuum needs to be run, the bathrooms cleaned, the floors swept, the leak in the ceiling of our newly finished basement needs fixed, our bedroom light needs to be fixed (it isn’t turning on), the kids need to get to practices, appointments need to be made, the car dropped off to get fix, pick up a rental car, help with homework, get to work, Christmas is coming and I haven’t even thought about it (usually I am at least half of the way done by now), and the list goes on…. Calgon take me away or at least can someone send a fairy to magically wave her wand and get everything done! Well, I have been waiting on the fairy for some time and Calgon hasn’t taken me away to any exotic islands with a fruity drink, so I started reading a new book by Kathy Peel, Desperate Households. I am trying to glean some new insight on getting our lives better organized. This is a quote from the book that really hit home “We become organized so we can reduce daily stress and enjoy the blessings in life.” I want this for our lives! I want to hear the sweet music that lifts our hearts and make me sing ! I’ll let you know if it works, so you can hold your ears - because I know that one of my God given gifts was NOT singing!

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