Brewing some Weekend Fun

This weekend was a glorious fall weekend filled with Halloween and birthday parties, football and a day spent catching up on laundry and housework. Friday night we headed to my sister's for their annual Halloween party. Everyone got dressed up for some Halloween fun. Pippy Long Stocking, a doll, a rock star diva, a few witches, an angel, a few devils, a Longhorn coach, beach bums, blue haired lovelies, a firefighter and some other questionable along with Elvis all showed up. We also celebrated Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec birthdays! There was a lot of food, fun and laughter. Saturday morning was the last game of the regular season for the 3rd/4th grade Longhorns. We went into the game being 7 and 0, with over 250 points scored against the other teams and 0 (ZERO) scored against us. It was a hard fought battle, but we lost 18 to 12. We were so proud of all the boys. Connor played wide receiver and caught both the balls that were thrown to him and gained yardage on each play. The boys played like true sportsmen and gave it their all, it was just not our day. We now head to the playoffs and hopefully will meet this team again for the Super Bowl. Great job boys! Saturday night we headed out to Grams and Papa's for Oct and Nov birthdays. We enjoyed tacos and Grams homemade chocolate cake with ice cream. We had a great time catching up with all the family. Sunday we spent cleaning up, doing laundry and I even took some time sort through some old cards and photos and then I even got to take a much needed nap!! It was nice to have this time to tackle our mountain of laundry and get ready for the week ahead.

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