My Pile of Rocks

Rebecca Sower summed it up so beautifully when she wrote in a recent post on her blog…. “But do you ever have days where all the responsibilities just feel like a big pile of rocks on your back? Dear friends, I'm having one of those.”
Today is my day that I feel those rocks bearing down on me from all sides and smothering me… I have a long To do list that grows by the minute. I try to weed and cut out the stuff that isn’t necessary, but that doesn’t cut it down to a manageable size. I try to steal time by getting up early and staying up late, but that is beginning to wear me out. Like most Mom’s, whether you are working outside of the home (like me) or not, it is the guilt of being the Super Mom – the one that keeps the house clean, laundry done, fresh baked cookies, home cooked meals, that arrives 15 minutes early to events, and looks like she just came out of the beauty shop. I don’t think this Mom exists, but if you are one please let me know your secret! Well this Mom is not a Superhero, just a Mom trying to make sure that my children know that they that their basic needs are met and that they are deeply loved.
So today, I have decided to include recent pictures of the my husband and children that remind me of how blessed I am…

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