It is October?

This first week of October has been like a return to summer. It has been in the high 80’s most of the week, so it has made it pretty sweaty for all our outdoor activities the past few days. Friday we had the high school’s homecoming parade and the Longhorns, Connor’s competitive football team, was in it. We all had a great time walking in the parade. Friday night we enjoyed watching the high school football team win and seeing our friend’s daughter announced Homecoming Queen. Saturday we were on another football field, as Connor’s team won another game. His team is 5 and 0, and they have not had a point scored against them! Go Longhorns!!! Then Saturday night, we had Janna’s soccer game and her birthday party. We had 6 six lively teenagers over for movie, snachos and brownie sundaes. Sunday we were on another soccer field, this time in the rain. Her competitive soccer team managed to win both games this weekend. Go Hornets!! I even got a few minutes to make a few fall cards and even got a much need nap! Yes, I truly believe in the power of naps (too bad my children don’t!). With the rain, it has brought cooler weather, so hopefully we are headed into some wonderful crisp fall weather, so I will really know it is October not just from my busy schedule!

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