Tooth Fairy

Connor broke one of his baby teeth in half, so yesterday we went to the dentist to have the remaing half of the tooth pulled. Connor, always seeing dollar signs, wanted to know if he left both halves of his tooth in the tooth fairy pillow, would the tooth fairy give him more money! I explained that it was only one tooth so she probably won't give any extra money. So last night he gently put his tooth in his pillow, that his Grammy lovingly made complete with a football player with wings and a little pocket to put his tooth in. Well this morning Connor excitedly checked and the tooth was still there! The tooth fairy was lax in her duties! She had forgotten! I explained that she probably had a busy schedule last night and would be here soon! So, please tooth fairy if you are listening, please make sure to come and bring some money!

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Christina said...

Family, Faith and Friendship are all what makes our lives. I totally believe in miracles and hope and pray that your friend is made better.