Happy Birthday

Today our beautiful daughter turns 13! It just seems like yesterday when the doctor handed me my first born to hold… a precious baby girl with red hair to love and cherish. I remember the feeling of what a miracle it was that this perfect little baby was ours. Janna, I remember the sleepless nights, dancing to Wilson Phillips to calm you, you holding your daddy’s finger in your car seat as you guys went places. I remember coming home after a long day at work, and you could brighten my day with the smallest of smiles. We eagerly wanted you to crawl, walk and talk. We delighted in your smallest of accomplishments and agonized over your hurts and frustrations. You so wanted a baby sister, when Connor was born, that you put on your preschool turkey feather what you were thankful for…my baby sister! I don’t think he has suffered very much over that. As you started kindergarten, I remember taking you in the “big” school and having to leave you. I bet you didn’t know, but I cried to the car so you wouldn’t see me. The years have just flown by. You are no longer that little girl but have grown into a beautiful young lady. Happy 13th Birthday, Sweetie! We love you and are so proud of you!

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