For the past month, my beloved Granddad has been very ill. We thought we had lost him several weeks ago, but my sisters and I witnessed a miracle as he pulled through and began breathing on his own. We lovingly held his bruised hands and encouraged him to breathe and miraculously he found the strength. That afternoon we sat talking with him, laughing as he joked with all the nurses and held his hands. It was an afternoon that will be forever etched in my mind. He continued to struggle and finally yesterday, God was with him as he passed on. He now joins my Grandma, the love of his life, in heaven. I will always loving remember his big hugs, the just engulfed me in love. The picture of Sherri & I around 5 years old, holding a mouse up by his tail because Granddaddy wanted us never to be afraid of them – it didn’t work. Good try Granddad! The pizza nights at Granddad and Grandma’s, where we all sat around the table and laughed, Granddaddy telling his WWII stories and loved on his 2 great grandchildren. Then Grandma died 11 years ago and something kind of died in Granddad, but he always enjoyed being surrounded by his granddaughters and their husbands, and especially his 7 great grandchildren. He always had special chocolates hidden for all his grandchildren. Granddaddy we love you and miss you.

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I'm so sorry for your loss! I miss my Grandfather so much and I truly believe that he visits me in my dreams! Hang in there! BTW, I received your items and I love them all! Thanks again!