Weekend News

This weekend was again filled with many activities…. I am beginning to see a theme here! Friday night was football practice and Hot Summer Nights at the square in Smithville. Our friend, Todd, MC’d the festivities. We didn’t stay too long as we were out the door at 7:00 am Saturday for the Simone Football Tournament. The boys played awesome. Connor even caught a pass for a point after! Way to go Connor! The boys won 4 games and lost only 1! Way to go Longhorns. Janna had her first soccer game and won! That’s our girl! After our exciting sports-filled day, we enjoyed having the Justice’s over for a fun evening filled with friendship, food and laughter. Sunday, we got meals done for the week (I absolutely love how making these meals ahead of time is causing less stress during the week!). The cookies are still in the frig as I forgot that they had to chill for 3 hours and was too exhausted to bake them last night! Hopefully I will get them baked soon as they are peanut butter chocolate chip! We also headed out to 2SS to turn in my Tween layouts then headed to Zona Rosa for shopping for the kids, and enjoyed a Stone Cold ice cream treat! Yummy! After dinner, we enjoyed cuddling up together as a family and watching a rerun of Extreme Home Makeover.

Here's to another weekend... they always go so quick!

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Christina said...

You have got to be one of the busiest people I know. You and Sara totally take the cake for that. Coldstone... Yum! My favorite ice cream place!