Weekend Happenings

This weekend was a weekend to recoup and re energize. We spent Saturday getting the house in order, laundry started and even got to take a much needed nap. Yes, naps are for the parents too! Of course, Janna and Connor didn't take a nap. They definitely don't appreciate it as much as we do. Then we went over to the Parmenter's for a dip in their pool and dinner. It was so fun playing in the pool with the kids. It was fun to reconnect and talk with Janice and Wes. Wes made us mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken fried pork and corn. It was delicious! We had a wonderful relaxing night filled with friendship, laughter and fun.
Sunday was pajama day. Yes, we spent all day in our pj's! We got up around 7:30 am then by 10:00 am I was asleep on the couch and slept until 1:00 pm! Then I got up made some cards for a card swap and proceeded to make 4 meals for dinner this week; onion steak & noodles, cheesy hamburger mac, chicken pasta salad, and chicken fried chicken with baked potatoes and corn. I also made some homemade peanut butter cookies! Connor, who says he hates peanut butter, even said he couldn't believe peanut butter could taste so good! With fall sports starting up, there is never enough time to cook a meal and eat by the time we have to leave. My goal this fall is to cook a few meals on Sundays so our week nights aren't as crazy! We'll see how it goes!
Then Sunday evening, I spent working on a Rusty Pickle contest album! I can't wait to get it completed and submitted. I am definitely going to do this.... (I'll post some pictures here soon!)

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Christina said...

I can't wait to see your album! I'm sure it will be absolutely fantastic! I just love your work! Sounds like you really needed a nap! It makes me sleepy just reading what your days have in store...