August 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie! Today marks 21 years together! It just seems like yesterday when we took the leap of faith and walked down that isle. We have seen many things in the past 21 years… military service, living in California, you spending a year unaccompanied in Okinawa, serving in the Gulf War, getting out of the Marines and moving back to Kansas City, buying our first house, the births of our 2 beautiful children, moving to Smithville, and coaching the kids sports. Our road has not always been easy, yet you have always been by my side lovingly supporting, comforting and cheering me every step of the way. Here’s to many more wonderful years together! Last night Connor asked Ken what he had gotten me for my anniversary… his reply? “The front of the house almost painted!” Connor couldn’t believe that is what our anniversary present was to each other – and we were both sharing in the joy of painting. Oh, by the way I love my anniversary present… only 3 more sides to go!
Christina said...

Congratulations Sheila! It's funny how to us gifts of service is a big present but the kids don't quite understand it. Hope you two have a wonderful anniversary!

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary Sheila!