First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school, new opportunities, new friends a fresh new outlook. The kids anxiously got ready to go back to school today. Janna enjoyed her first day of 7th grade. She already like several of her teachers, had locker problems and enjoyed having some of her best buddies in class and the best part NO homework. Connor also had a good first day of 4th grade, meeting new friends and seeing some he hadn't seen all summer, but unlike Janna had homework!
As the kids went off to school, and I drove to work I got teary eyed... my kids are growing up too fast. It just seems like yesterday I was bringing them home from the hospital, getting up every 4 hours, rocking them to sleep and enjoying all of their firsts. Where has the time gone? It just seems to be slipping by too fast!

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Christina said...

Back To School... It seems to be one of those great bittersweet moments. Part of you is happy to see them growing up into such wonderful young people but the other wishes you could hold onto those little people they used to be... Glad their first day went so well.