Back to Reality

This week has been so busy! We definitely know that we are back into the reality of fall schedule. We have had soccer and football practices every weeknight. Connor has had home work every night (at least 30 min), and he is only in 4th grade! Janna, who is in 7th grade, is now starting to rub it in that she hasn’t had homework yet! In between work, preparing for my classes, designing more classes (which I am very excited about), volunteering my time for football, trying to still finish our basement, and now painting the outside of the house, I feel like we are catching ourselves coming and going. Here are a few pictures of the kids on the first day of school. They tolerated me taking them, most of them had cheesy grins, but at least we didn’t have attitudes!
Look how my little girl is growing up to be a beautiful young lady!

My baby boy is growning up to be a handsome little man!

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Christina said...

Wow, when are you going to have time to sleep? Mom of a middle schooler? It's amazing how quickly they grow! I can't believe I am a Mom to a 7th grader either. Starting to make me feel old.