WWW Weekend

The time is now... for the WWW (Wild Wedded Women's) Weekend. This is a weekend that my mom (Shirley), sisters (Shawna & Sherri) and dear friend and adopted sister Shondee (actually Dondee, but we changed her name since we all begin with SH) get together and craft, shop, laugh and reconnect with each other. We also have a dear family friend, Cindy, that graciously gives the sisters massages and have hosted many WWWW at her lovely home at Lake Viking! I am so looking forward to my massage! I will be useless afterwards, but for a complete hour I am totally relaxed! We have been doing it for 11 years. We have traveled to Eureka Springs, Falls City, Lake Viking and this year we decided to stay at Mom's house, since Cindy is leaving for vacation on Saturday and so we wouldn't take a lot of time traveling we could get down to business of having fun! This is one of my highlights of the year. Here's to us WWW, may we have many more weekends together for many, many more years! And here's to all our loving husbands that take care of the kids, because they know how important this is to us girls. I'll share some pictures in a few days!!

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Christina said...

What a wonderful tradition! Hope you are having a great weekend!