Just a Walking

Yesterday evening we took all the dogs out for a walk to the square. I didn't realize how many people had dogs until I started walking our dogs! The kids and I enjoyed our brisk walk and time together talking. It was much easier handling 3 dogs when we had 3 people to walk them. Sunday I walked them and needless to say it was pretty comical seeing me trying to keep 3 dogs untangled.
It was nice to be able to get outside and talk with the kids about their day and just really look at all the natural beauty around our neighborhood. I realize that I drive this way frequently in the car, but getting out and walking gives you such a different perspective. There is beauty all around, from the old buildings on the square, to the American Flag flying at Major Lumber, to the caboose "parked" at the park. I am so grateful that the kids and I could share this together. I can't wait for our walk tonight...

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