Caution - Weekend Warriors Working

This weekend was another wild working weekend at the Rumney's. Friday evening we thinned some irises at Lindee's house and took some home to plant. We ran to Lowe's (that was the 1st trip of 3 to Lowe's and 2 to Home Depot). We hung 3 doors, 1 double door, finished the base trim and the crown molding downstairs, moved the TV downstairs and set up a temporary rec room for the kids complete with sofa and coffee table. We put a temporary desk for my computer and scrapbook area, and set up the computer... and it works!!! Yeah!!! Saturday, went to the grocery store & HyVee, picked up a sugar free pie at Mill Street Tea Room for a party Saturday night, made and iced 48 cupcakes. We went the the baseball party at Brody's BBQ (if you ever get up to Smithville, you have got to try the Backyard Taters... they are a creamy mashed potatoes with bacon, chives, cheese and? - DELICIOUS) Got up early Sunday morning to get Sammy, a beautiful King Charles Spaniel, that I am puppy sitting for this week. Took all 3 dogs for a walk twice (to wear them out). I then mowed the yard and weeded. At 6:00 o'clock last night we were all completely exhausted. The kids and I played the game of Life until I couldn't keep my eyes open any more and took a small nap. This morning my body reminded me that I am 40 years old! It does feel so good to check off all these things on my to do list! I think I will be resting the rest of this week!! Haha

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Sara said...

YOU ARE NOT 40! There's no possible way..