Cancer Can Not Do

This week my grandma has been in the hospital again battling cancer. Cancer... what an awful disease! 4 out of my 8 grandparents have battled with cancer of one sort or the other. My Papa, Granddad Long lost their fight with this awful disease when I was but a teenager. My Grandma Jones lost her fight with cancer 11 years ago this November. Now my Grandma Long and Barbara, my other mother, and my dear friends, Leneve and Lindee, are battling cancer. As I sat yesterday in the hospital with Grandma, I began to realize that cancer can not take away the love and the many wonderful memories that we share. It was good to spend time with her talking, holding her hand and just sitting with her. All these people have shaped my life and made me a better person. Today I found a poem what Cancer can not do that I just have to share… What cancer can not do:
it can not cripple LOVE, it can not shatter FAITH, it can not corrode HOPE, it can not dissolve FRIENDSHIP, it can not suppress MEMORIES, it can not silence COURAGE, it can not invade the SOUL, it can not steal INTERNAL LIFE, it can not conquer the SPIRIT.
I love you all and am so blessed to have you in my life!

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