Weekend Warriors

These precious 2 days that we call weekends…we look forward and count down to them all week and then pack it full to get the “most” from our time off. This weekend we again “packed” it full with sports, family outings, work, and play. I even found some time to create the beautiful patriotic banner that Suzanne designed for 2SS, with Janna. I enjoyed hanging it up last night in the hallway! I especially love this time when I can create with my kids. It is a special time that we have together, where we talk, laugh, eat and create. It was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend!! Saturday, the Smithville Baseball League had a special outing at the Royals. We tailgated with Grammy & Grandpa, my sister’s Shawna and Sherri and all their families and the Justice’s. We enjoyed the time that we had together as friends and family. The kids got to parade around the field, Todd Justice sang the National Anthem, and the kids enjoyed the game and filled up on the goodies at the ballpark. It was a great time! So here’s to our weekend… only 5 more days until the next one!

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Christina said...

Wow Sheila! Sounds like an awesome weekend! They are even that much more special when enjoyed with family too!