Rally Caps

Monday night Connor had a baseball game. My dh helps as an assistant coach. As you can see he loves to join in on the fun with the boys as they have their rally caps on to motivate them to play their best.
I am so blessed, amazed and proud that my dh is so good with the kids, no matter what sport he is coaching, soccer, baseball, football, basketball, wrestling, he is one of the biggest kids out there. He really gets down to their level - gives them knuckles, high fives and hugs when they need them. I know that Ken has touched many kids lives as there are many moments when we are around town that the kids will make a point of coming up and hugging Coach Ken. Just recently we were at WMSL, soccer field, and a couple of kids recognized him from 4 years ago when he coached for the Banana's and Cheetah's.
Thanks Ken for being you. For taking your time, talent and love and sharing with not only our kids, but many others as well. I am so proud of you.

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Christina said...

Looks like they had so much fun and sounds like you have wonderful husband and father to your children.