Dream, Eat & Sleep (not today) Scrapbooking

Well, it is 5:39 am in the morning and I have been up since 4:00 o'clock!!! Usually I am unable to sleep when I have new scrapbook and craft ideas just milling around in my head and today is not an exception. 2SS are putting together their new newsletter and I have some wonderful new classes planned! (That is why I can't sleep!!) Here are a few teasers - It's a Party, Time with Grandparents and Survivor, not to mention InbeTween Years (that I totally love since I have 2 wonderfully spirited Tweens!) My brain just doesn't know how to shut down and stay quite. I hope I am not the only weird person out here that sometimes dreams, eats and sleeps (on occasion - not today!!!) scrapbooking and what the next project will be. Did I say I didn't get to bed until almost midnight!!! Hopefully tonight I will be exhausted enough that I will be able to shut off my brain! I will be definitely needing toothpicks by this afternoon! Anyone have any?


Sara said...

You crack me up, Sheila - so darned motivated! ;)

Christina said...

I can hardly see what you have in store for this next quarter! I'm sure it will be fabulous!