I recently read a Rebecca Sowers blog on Security in Sameness. It really made me think… I too have been thinking about changing things in my bedroom especially the color scheme as I have been trying to get my house to more primitive country colors – mustards, barn reds, soldier blues and colonial greens. This beautiful wedding ring quilt that my mom lovingly hand stitched in blues and mauves almost 10 years ago has graced my bed every day since she gave it to me. My mom spent many hours piecing this masterpiece together from old scraps of quilts that she had made for my sisters and from childhood pieces of fabric. It has covered Ken and I up and kept us warm, it has seen 2 children scurry underneath it and hide, it has even seen Sherman, my loving dog of 14 years that died last October, spend his last days snuggling up with me on it, and recently seen 2 puppies jump and play with us on the bed. So I have been struggling with wanting to change it to be more in style with the rustic country truly that I have fallen in love with. Rebecca Sowers made me think is new and different always better? She also reminded me of my special memories my Grandma Jones house. Grandma didn’t constantly change things, it was always the same… from the position of the goodie drawer in her kitchen, to her rocking chair to the mushroom canisters on the kitchen counter. Maybe as Rebecca said, I too felt secure and comforted by the lack of change. Now that I read Rebecca’s blog I now realize that I want to start weeding out impulse trendy items that don’t mean that much to my family…and replace them with handmade, meaningful items that bring comfort to me and my family that will come to define my house my home. So I feel much better in being alright to have my room be a little out of place in the rest of my primitive country home, because I need to surround myself with things that bring me comfort and my quilt certainly does that.
Thank you Rebecca for making me feel that is alright not to change and especially my Mom for all the love that you put into my quilt that has become such a treasure in my home.


Christina said...

What a beautiful quilt and keepsake. Love these words of wisdom too!

Jessica said...

this is very sweet & special. I understand what you & Rebecca are talking about. I love the look & its a comforting feeling to have loving meaningful things around you.

You can still do the "Primitive look" Make it a Shabby Chic Primitive... white wash barn board, old blue canning jars with flowers like cream hydrageas, or just cream old plates on a plate rack.

You have a awesome style but I know what you mean also about "new" look. I think thats that creative part in you!

Sara said...

Thanks for posting this, Sheila - I needed it. We've been "purging" lately, and it's hard to decide what to purge. I guess, though, what it comes down to is keep what's meaningful, and send away what isn't right? ;)