Welcome Home Mom

Early this morning (1:30 am to be exact!), I finally got home from my business trip. Our connecting flight was delayed over 2 hours! As I walked in the door I found this banner my loving children made for me and hung up to welcome me home! The emotions of finally being home and the fact that Janna and Connor had put so much time and love into this banner just reminded me how much I am blessed in being a mom to them! I am also glad that they share my love for scrapping and crafting!
I also realized that Ken is such a good husband and dad! I came home to a clean house, clean dishes, the lawn mowed and the kids taken care of! He did it so well, that I had to ask him this morning if he really needed me and of course he said "Yes" as he complained he hadn't found a good way of being at each of their activities at the same time!
I can't wait to get into my creative space (aka the dinning room table) and start creating. I have missed it so much I think I am having withdrawals. Be looking in the next few days for a sneak peak at my summer flip flop album!
It is good to be home!

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Christina said...

Wow Sheila I am impressed! Usually if I leave the house unattended for any amount of time, I pay for days! How sweet of your kids to make that really cool poster! That had to have made you feel so good.