Weekend Ramblings

This Memorial Day weekend we filled it with family, friends, fun and a little aggravation! Friday started out with going to get the boat at my Dad's in Liberty. We all went out as a family and set around talking, eating pizza and just enjoying every one's company. It was a great time to be able to talk and catch up on all the news. Saturday came bright and early as I headed off for haircut at 9:00 o'clock in the morning. The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent running errands. We then headed for a wedding reception out in Bonnor Springs and then back to my sister, Sherri's for a combined Mother & Father's Day Celebration. We enjoyed the food, family and fun and talked late into the evening as the cousins all played together. We are so blessed that are children are growing up so close. Sunday was a day of resting with the kids and I spent time assembling packets for 2SS. We had a enjoyable time together while Ken golfed with Brett. After Ken got back we spent time cleaning and preparing the boat for our first visit to the lake on Monday. We headed out to the lake with our friends the Justice's. Little did we know then that it was to be a day filled with problems. The first few hours were spent enjoying watching the children tube and having fun in the water. Then we accidentally got the tube rope tangled in the motor! Ken tried to get it but couldn't get it, then since I am the swimmer of the family, I got in!! Oh my gosh it was so cold it took my breath away - it was amazing that the kids could stay in it as long as they did. I then tried to cut the rope out of the motor from the water (which I was unsuccessful). Finally we were able to cut the rope and tried to pull into shallow water to "fix" the problem. We did get the rope undone but found out we were unable to raise the motor up due to a corroded cylanode, making it nearly impossible to get the boat out of the water! A call to my Dad, and a few hours later, we finally got the boat out but incurred a lot of damage to the motor. Thanks Dad and Chris for coming up to the lake to help us! So we headed back to the house to drop the boat and continue our day with the Justice's. The kids enjoyed playing catch, loving on the dogs while we adults enjoyed talking. It was an enjoyable time with laughter, friendship, fun and a little aggrevation!!

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Christina said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a busy, yet fun weekend. Like the idea of a combined Mother's/Father's Day!