To Do - Smell the Honeysuckle

The "To Do List" - the list that shapes my life, from what I get done to what I don't get done and everything in between. Already this morning I am forming a plan to try to get everything that I want to get done today. I know that I try to cram everything I can into these days when we aren't going 90 to nothing! As I was gently reminded via email that I needed to have my VBS craft lists into our newsletter by noon today, I knew I needed to make a list.
I do come by this naturally, my Dad is a great list maker too. I didn't realize this until a few years ago when I saw a list on his workbench in the garage.
I have a love hate relationship with my to do list. From listing all the things that I should get done, to gleefully checking off the things accomplished, to hating those items that didn't get done and have to be brought forward to the next day.
As I was writing my list, I looked out the window and noticed that my honeysuckle bush was blooming and had to go outside to smell the sweetness. It reminded me that all things aren't as they seem, they are sweeter.
When we first looked at this house almost 2 years ago, we were in a hurry to find a house in Smithville so the kids could start the school year in Smithville. We had visited 4-5 houses in our price range and were depressed at not finding a house that we liked. I had found this house on the internet, but it didn't have a picture. Our agent said we had one more house to look at. At this point I felt very confident that we just wouldn't find the "right" house in Smithville in time. When we pulled up to the house the lawn was a little overgrown and then this massive bush was overgrown over the steps up to the house. GREAT! I didn't even want to go in - I just knew it wasn't going to be for us. My DH said let's at least look, boy am I glad we did! We both fell in love with this house, the large great room, the formal dining room (aka my craft room for now), the large kitchen, breakfast room and cover deck in back, 3 bedrooms that were good size and a unfinished basement (that we are now finishing).
That bush that I hated from first glance is the bush that I won't get rid of - I realized the next spring that it was a honeysuckle bush. I have fond memories of my Great Aunt & Uncle's backyard, where Sherri and I learned from them how to smell and taste the sweetness of a honeysuckle flower. Oh, how I love the smell when it blooms and all the memories of my dear Aunt and Uncle. So today, I took time away from my lists, and smelled the honeysuckle. I hope you do to!