Things that made me smile today

* My dogs playing at their food bowls (yes they are brother & sister born of the same liter! Tinky is 3 lbs and Snickers is 12 lbs!) * Connor dressing up in dockers, shirt and tie this morning to impress a little girl in his class! * Janna making a sun out of frosting on her Toaster Strudel's. * Mom and Dad getting a cell phone and having problems trying to program it! * Signing Janna into school after her ortho appointment and being recognized for my scrapbooking and blog from 2SS! * Ken making our bed - this doesn't happen often, but he reverts back to his military habits of making sure a quarter can bounce off the bed. * Ice Cold Diet Dr Pepper * Getting my picture slide show up on my blogg!!! See Below!!!


dopi1 said...
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Christina said...

Wow! A tie?! How cute! Love your slide show at the bottom too! I really need to learn how to do stuff like that.