Taken the Day Off

I extended the Memorial Day weekend by taking off an extra day - today. This morning has been filled with creating, relaxing and catching up. Connor and I created another layout together. I just love watching him read the directions, cut each piece, add his own creativity and work out problems (we had more pictures than what the layout was originally designed for). Thanks Kara for making a layout that inspires the kid in all of us. If you will look my artist created water coming out of the watering can and changed the "Spring is my Thing" to "Spring is our Thing". We enjoyed this time together.
Janna & Connor then enjoyed just chillin' out and relaxing... what a great day!


Christina said...

Looks like you all had a great day!

Jessica said...

wow... it looks like they have grown a foot since the last time I've seen them. Well I bet you all (or at least the kids) are ready for summer. It looks like you all had a fun holiday!