Sports Updates

Monday night was Connor's first time playing pitcher. Needless to say I think Ken and I were more nervous than he was. He did a super job and we are so proud of him. They went on to win their game 10 - 4. Way to go buddy!!! Janna played her last soccer game on Sunday. They played super and won 5 to 1. She assisted a goal and really played agressive. Way to go Janna!! We love you babe!!! I am really enjoying this stage of our lives... being so involved with the kids in their sports and school functions. Even though Ken and I normally drop into bed exhausted from running here and there with kids, it is a good kind of tired. I wouldn't change this for the world!!

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Christina said...

I can't imagine how much fun that is! My kids have never shown any interest in being involved in stuff like that. I am so envious. But in a good way of course. ;)