Today we had a scare... it started out that my Mom and Dad didn't show up for Janna's soccer game at 3:30. Now many of you would say that they just decided not to go or had something come up, but it definitely wasn't like them so I knew something was wrong. I called my sisters to see if they had heard from them and neither of them had. I even called their next door neighbor at 7:00 pm to see if he could go by to check on them. Nothing... Ken was almost out of Smithville when I finally got a hold of my Mom (neither of them have cell phones - I hope that will change after this incident!). Mom, hopefully you are reading this!! Dad had a TIA (aka mini stroke) - he is doing fine, but they are keeping him over night in the hospital to run more tests tomorrow. After talking with Mom and then calling Dad to make sure he was indeed alright, I just sat down and cried. I realized that my parents, who have been there for me all my life with love and support, were getting older and I had been walking through life with blinders that they will always be here for me and my kids. Now more than ever I want to savor every moment with my parents (all of them). For all of you that don't know I have been blessed with 4 wonderful parents. I hope that God gives us many more happy memories with all my parents as my other mother is battling with cancer. She has been responding very well with her chemo and her mass has been shrinking. So today, I give thanks for all my parents that God has blessed me with. For my parents that loved us and gave birth to us, to my other Dad & Mother that loving accepted us and gave us a sense of family wherever we were. Without each of you I won't be the person that I am today! Mom, Dad, Dad & Mom, thank you for all you have done and I hope that we have many more happy, memorable years together. I love you all!

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Christina said...

Glad to hear your Dad will be okay. It's such a scarey and sad thing when you realize how delicate they are becoming.