Moving & Flying

Yesterday and today I have moved my twin sister, Sherri, and her family into their new home (which is much closer to me than before - which I love!). It is a beautiful home and I am so glad that she is that much closer to me. I gave up scrapbooking on national scrapbook day to help get her settle (and I would do it all over again, because there will be a day when we will get to scrapbook all day - since she is so close!) Tomorrow I leave for Orlando, no not on pleasure - on business. I plan on taking some things to scrapbook and hopefully I will be able to find a scrapbook item or two to add to my stash. As soon as I get back from my business trip, my youngest sister will be getting remarried on Saturday. So hopefully on Mother's Day I will be able to check back in.

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Sara said...

We always need new stuff for our scrapbook stashes.. hope it's a good trip!