Last Day of School

It seems like this school year has flown by. The kids aren't as excited that this is the last day of school. They are actually sad since they won't see a lot of their buddies during summer school enrichment program that just starts next week. The beginning of the school year was so big for both of them the last year. Connor was now going to the "big" Upper Elementary and Janna was starting Middle School. As I walked them down the isles of their school, I realized that they were growing up too fast! I wanted to hold on to them and never let them grow up. I wanted the snuggles, kisses and the loves that each of them freely gave me whenever or wherever we were never to end. I wanted Ken and I to be the one to kiss the boo boos and take away there hurts that might come along. As the year progressed those loves, snuggles and kisses were given when they didn't think one of their friends were looking or when no one was around. The hurts that came along, we tried as best as we could to erase them, but our love, kisses and hugs just didn't fix the hurt. This year has made me realize that my children are growing up to be young adults. Yes, Janna will be 13 years old in a few short months(I will definitely need Kleenex on that day)and Connor will be 10 years old a few months after. I don't think I am old enough to have both of my children in double digits! So today, marking the end of school, I got a kiss from both of them when they didn't think anyone was looking!!! It definitely made my day!!!

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Christina said...

Oh how sweet! I think we are the last school to get out. We don't get out until Friday. I didn't realize our kids were so close in age.