Everyday List

I drink too much Diet Dr Pepper. I long for warmer weather. I count my blessings – I am thankful for my family. I pray on my way to work. I talk to my sister Sherri. I fall asleep by my love. I hear my kids laughing and playing (sometimes fighting). Each day Ken welcomes me home with a kiss and "I love you". There are dishes to wash, meals to be made, messes to clean and laundry to do. I wake up earlier than I’d like, and go to bed later than I should. I step over Pokemon cards and find the phone in my daughter’s room (where it doesn't belong). I let the dogs in and out too many times to count. I'm able to kiss and tuck my children in bed at night and tell them I love them. I am reminded that true love is real and not a fantasy and I thank God each and everyday for the wonderful blessing he has given me.

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Sara said...

I just need to say that I love this post. Made me think. ;)