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January 17, 2011

You know the kind of sisters that share your passion for creating... Those creative souls that truly get your need to create with your heart, mind, soul and hands. Even when life's pressures and obligations can get the best of you, there is that need to create something beautiful. It is therapy for the soul. I have been so blessed to meet so many HeArt Sisters that have richly touched my life. But many of my HeArt Sisters I have yet to meet, but we still share a common bond through each others blogs and comments. That is what is so wonderful about blogging is that I have met so many wonderful HeArt Sisters from around the world that bless my life each and every day.
(Silver Bella 2010 Group Workshop)
Thank you dear HeArt Sister, I am so blessed because of you. Have a wonderfully creative day.
Leah C said...

Love, love the finished project! What a "heart-full" and "beauty-full" collage:)

T's Daily Treasures said...

I love this collage. And the sweet little paper bird you finished. So many wonderful projects made and received. Hope you are having a great day! Best wishes, Tammy

Suz said...

You did a great job on your collage. I am missing mine, which is at home and about two-thirds done!

I will send my address but we won't be back for two and a half weeks. I cannot wait to see my book and think your making it is one of the biggest Art Sister "acts of love" I have experienced. I am teary thinking of it!

With enormous joy in receiving this blessing!

ramsam said...

Your collage is beautiful. And i agree, the connections made online are are so valuable to our inspiration!

Jan said...

Beautiful collage :)

Lisa said...

Every time I glance at my Silver Bella group project, I think about adding my own photos. Now that I've seen how your collage looks, I am even more inspired to add my own photos!

Lovey said...

So beautifully to capture and preserve these memories. HeArt Sisters...I love that!

Rachel said...

I love your finished project!! I need to do the same! SK was such fun this year! Can't wait for the next one.