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Christmas Bell

December 3, 2010

Each tree is adorned with twinkling lights and beautiful ornaments, the garlands and wreaths are hung with care and Christmas seems to be everywhere in our home, but our decorating is just not complete until my crocheted Christmas bell that my beloved Grandma made is placed on the fan pull in our living room. For years, my DH complained that it looked out of place and didn’t go with my Christmas decorations, and each year I would proclaim that Christmas wouldn’t be complete with this not getting center stage.

It brings back wonderful memories of my Grandma, from our pizza dinners, to “bumming” around, to her stash of treats she kept around for her grandkids, to her trying patiently to teach us to crochet, to her famous bear hugs that just enveloped us with love. For a mere woman of 5 ft nothing and only weighing 98 lbs, she gave the best hugs ever. Oh to have one now…

So each year, I hang this in a place of honor, a place that I see each day, so a piece of Grandma is with us through the holidays.

Do you have something like this? I would love to hear!

Have a blessed day dear friends.

Jane said...

Hi Sheila,
Loved your story about your grandma. I can see why that bell takes center stage!!
Jane said...

The sentimental ornaments are the very best ones!

Leah C said...

That sweet bell made by your Grandma has lots of value...sentimental value:)

Beth Leintz said...

Some ornaments are just meant to be kept forever. Fun to see you again- thanks for stopping by!

Suz said...

Those are the things that really matter, Sheila. That really touches my heart!

Donna said...

I have oak ornaments my Dad made and they are a must have. Every time I hang them, I remember and miss him.

Laurie said...

What a sweet memory. I don't think I have a similar item, but I do, without fail, listen to the same Christmas music, and album of my mother's (now on DVD) of 1950's music while I decorate the tree. I couldn't decorate the tree without it.

aimee said...

you are so right. that ornament made for you with love deserves center stage. enjoy.