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November 19, 2010

This little guy is 13 today.... and this dear Mama is all in tears knowing that her sweet little baby is a teenager... I have really got to stop saying he is "little". In my eyes he will always be my little baby (I have had to drop the baby part because he doesn't like it... at least in public). I have had the pleasure of watching you grow from a baby that smiled all the time, to a toddler that climb up and into everything. You are my caring, shy sort of boy, but on the playing field, whether that is baseball, soccer, football or basketball you are a force to contend with. I love that you can be a fierce competitor but yet still be a caring young man who helps others, befriends many and still loves to snuggles with his Mom.

Buddy, Happy Birthday! Love you whole gobbies!!

Leah C said...

Happy, happy birthday to the best "buddy" around! Another teenager in the house...woohoo;) We love you, Connor and wish you the best year ever!! xo-- Leah, Brett, Brynn & Reilly

kana said...

Cute young man! My guy turns 15 on Sunday. Have a great day with him!

Suz said...

So cute and so sweet!


Angela said...

What a great smile! You know when we look at our kids we don't just see what stands before us...we see all those other images in our memories. My big, nearly 40 year old is still that sweet baby, adorable toddler, bright-eyed school boy, good-looking teenager, handsome groom, teary-eyed new daddy...all of it rolled up together.

Amanda Trought said...

A very handsome young man, Happy belated birthday. I too have a 'just turned' 15yr old young man in the house - its amazing how time flys - they once fit so snugly in our arms and now they tower over us mine is 5ft 10!


Laurie said...

Aw, happy birthday to your little boy-man. My son is 13, too!