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April 4, 2009

I don't know the exact date that I started finding beauty in the worn, weathered and sometimes forgotten. But now my eye finds are drawn to them and I find that the more loved (ie worn, broken, weathered) the more my heart is drawn to them. Yesterday, I took some time to go to Vintiques a mixed media/antique shop and was able to lose myself in all of it's loveliness and found some more yummy finds to bring home. This album is worn and torn, but the beauty of it still shows through.
I don't know why I am drawn to this little girl's face. So precious along with the ceramic doll arm.
I then picked up another lovely find...
This magazine is one of my all time favs!! Filled with beautiful, inspirational pictures and lovely stories written by talented women.
C Maisy said...

I HEART IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wish i had a place like that!!

Stephenie said...

Your blog looks so pretty by the way...I love all the treasures you found...I agree with you, that picture of that girl is so pretty..

Alice W. said...

Lovely finds Sheila! And I can't wait to get a copy of the newest Somerset Life!

Jeanneoli said...

Beautiful finds and I also love every magazine that Somerset puts out.

Kara Ward said...

Great finds from Vintiques...heading there tomorrow! Kara